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Charlee (Owner + Massage Therapist)

I'm Andrea and I'm excited to be part of the Artifex family! I'm a Reiki Master and love working with energy and especially helping people with emotional struggles through Reiki. Craniosacral Therapy is so rewarding to do and has helped me and many others with long-standing joint issues and hard to treat conditions. I'm enjoying getting to know relaxation massage and integrating this into healing sessions.


I've worked with kids for years and enjoy watching them change and grow. When I'm not working I love doing yoga, reading non-fiction, and trying new restaurants.

While dating (and eventually marrying) a cyclist that competed in pro/am competitions, Anne became fascinated with the extreme conditions & torture that a body can be put through.  Time spent watching the cyclists push themselves physically, emotionally & observing the toll it took on their bodies was intriguing.  She started to learn about the system of muscles and how to help them perform better while training at this level of endurance.  Massage was the answer.  So she started working on the cyclists she was traveling with. She was amazed at the rate of the athletes recovery and how massage therapy accelerated their healing process.  From there, the Massage Therapist inside her was born.


Before catching the massage bug Anne was a Montessori teacher for 10 years, but after having a child Anne was ready for a change.  Graduating from Aveda top of her class, Anne was ready to take on her own business.  She has worked independently ever since out of a co-op in Uptown, Mpls.  There, she has been able to specialize in her craft.  Her clientele demographics range from elite athletes, sporting enthusiasts, dance, daily wear & tear, to sporting injuries.


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Andrea (Craniosacral + Reiki + Relaxation Massage Therapist)

Anne (Owner + Massage + Reiki Therapist)

Charlee studied at Aveda Institute and received his certification in August 2004. He has worked in many different health fields, and finds that the practice of massage is a perfect fit for him. Charlee specializes in deep tissue, wraps, raindrop therapy and Reiki.

Massage is his passion and lifelong pursuit. Charlee enjoys giving massages as much as his clients enjoy receiving them. Charlee has lived in Minnesota his whole life, but moved to Minneapolis in 2000.


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Kiya (Massage Therapist)

Kiya studied at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated in 2011. She focuses in therapeutic massage with the use of stretching, trigger point, and deep tissue massage. Kiya also incorporates Swedish massage techniques to tie everything together for a smooth, flowing massage that is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated yet relaxed.


Kiya always offers 30% off for hair stylists, tattoo artists, and restaurant industry workers - you just have to bring in a current business card, pay stub, or clock-out chit.


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