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The Balance Program

This program allows you to experience every service from each provider for as many times as they are avaialable for a savings of 30% off of the full price of each service. Simply pay $120 for 12 months, or $90 for 6 months. This program is a great way for you to experience all of the services we provide! Please call for pricing.

Our massage services include:


Therapeutic Massage - Swedish massage is an essential form of massage integrating a number of       highly-customized techniques while you are draped in a sheet and blanket. Part of your body is     uncovered for massage, and then covered again before moving on to other areas. Techniques include deep tissue massge, effleurage, cross fiber friction, tapotement rythmic percussion, vibration, and trigger point pressure.


Half Hour | $45-$50

One Hour | $70-$75

1.5 Hours | $100-$105

2 Hours | $125-$130



Relaxation Massage - The primary purpose of this type of massage is to help you relax. It is done at a slower pace with light pressure using soothing, gliding strokes. This differs from other types of deep tissue or therapeutic massage in that you won't be under pressure and pushed to your limit to work out all of your knots.


One Hour | $70

1.5 Hours | $100



Post/Prenatal Massage - This massage utilizes many of the same techniques used in a regular Therapeutic massage, but with the client lying on her left side with pillows or lying face down on body cushions. This helps relieve mental and physical stressors of pregnancy and can also aid in relaxation during labor.


Half-Hour | $45-$50

1 Hour | $70-$75

1.5 Hours | $100-$105



Hot Stone Massage - This massage uses the same techniques as a typical Swedish massage, but with the use of hot Basalt stones of various sizes. The addition of stones helps to release increased toxins and rapidly relax the muscles.


1 Hour | $85-$90

1.5 Hours | $115-$120

2 Hours | $135-$140



Signature Massage - This massage uses Young Living essential oils, Vita Flex technique, and hot towels during the massage. You pick from Relaxation, Detox, Rejuvenate, and Sports.


Half-Hour | $65-$70

1 Hour | $90-$95

1.5 Hours | $120-$125

2 Hours | $145-$150


Hydrating + Exfoliating Wrap

One Session | $90-$95



Raindrop Therapy

One Session | $100-$105



Initial Treatment (1.5+ Hours) | $90

Follow Up Treatments (1+ Hours) | $60

Auricular Treatment (20 Minutes) | $40



Massage Services

Asian Inspired Body Work

Body Treatments

Contact us today to learn more about our services and pricing!  Treat yourself to the Signature massage - money well spent. Be sure to check out other services offered as well!

Professional massaging  women Schedule your appointments

"I went for my first massage today and came out thinking how I would sleep REALLY well tonight.  The massage room has a nice solid massage table, pleasant soft music, and indirect lighting-- so no distractions of road noise or anything like that."

- Erik D.


"I was able to get in an appointment for the same day using their convenient online scheduling system. I booked with Isabelle and she was OUTSTANDING. After introducing herself, she asked simply, "What can I do for you?" I indicated that I liked firm pressure and deep tissue. She totally delivered!"

- Treasure C.

Energy Work


Half Hour | $45

1 Hour | $70

1.5 Hours | $100





One Session | $50



Craniosacral Therapy

One Session | $50